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Service Overview

Dr. Corson will provide expert guidance for parents with struggling adolescents, adolescents trying to navigate later childhood and becoming a young adult, struggling couples and adults. He offers a full range of coaching services for adolescents, parents, families, couples and adults. Dr. Corson's primary modalities involve evaluation, consultation and coaching strategies in-person, by phone or teleconference. He is also available to provide parent education, child development and family systems seminars.

Dr. Corson can assist whether your teen or young adult lives at home, is attending college, enrolled in a therapeutic program or wilderness, or is engaged in a transitional living or rehabilitation program. He is able to mold services as needed, speaking with parents independent of their teen or together, speaking with a teen alone, speaking with couples together and adults alone.

Dr. Corson will set specific and individualized goals tailored to your needs and developed with the desired outcome in mind. He will develop realistic action steps and help guide you through them as a true partner in achieving your goals.  Sometimes families and adults have treatment plans and aftercare plans in place. In these cases, he can assist in your adherence to those plans and working out the struggles as they present themselves.


What to Expect

Appointment Policies

The initial 30 minute call is free and will give us an opportunity to understand our focus, ensure a good fit and obtain contacts for any ancillary providers you may want me to contact. Coaching sessions are by appointment and they are scheduled once initial documents have been completed. Initial sessions generally involve a thorough evaluation and development of your goals and objectives toward a coaching plan.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. Each session is $150.  Sessions can be in-person, by phone or videoconference. Non-emergency late cancellations or no-shows will incur an out-of-pocket charge. Dr. Corson accepts HSA and cash payments. All major credit cards are accepted. Payment policies are described in detail in the initial paperwork.

I accept private pay only for coaching services. These are fees that a client should understand before scheduling an appointment.  

Please direct all mailing and billing reimbursement to 213 Whitetail Ln, Whitefish, MT 59937


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100 2nd St. East, #209, Whitefish, MT 59937 (Through mid-September)


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