I am involved in nurturing the nature of people. Nature of course involves the influence of our biology and our ancestry as it also involves are need to connect, to attach and to relate intimately with one another. 

I provide expert guidance for parents with struggling adolescents, adolescents trying to navigate later childhood and becoming a young adult, struggling couples and adults.  I offer a full range of coaching services for adolescents, parents, families, couples and adults.  My primary modalities involve evaluation, consultation and coaching strategies in-person, by phone or teleconference.  I am also available to provide parent education, child development and family systems seminars.

My support is available whether your teen or young adult lives at home, is attending college, enrolled in a therapeutic program or wilderness, or is engaged in a transitional living or rehabilitation program.  I am able to mold services as needed, speaking with parents independent of their teen or together, speaking with a teen alone, speaking with couples together and adults alone.

The challenges for parents, adolescents, and adults today are substantial.  Kids have more room than ever to avoid the challenges of growing up, maturing, developing character, differentiating from family and becoming a functional adult.  Retreat and avoidance back to the home, in to virtual reality or drugs is all too common.  Parents are often facing long work hours, solo parenting, lack of extended family and community support, feelings of isolation, financial hardship, multi-media induced fear and anxiety, preparing children for global competition and often competing for time with their kids extracurricular activities, friends, social media and games, etc.  Once kids have detached from a genuine and honest relationship with you and no longer allow you to know them, and no longer follow your limits and rules, all bets are off.  The need for knowledgeable and caring support has never been greater.  The challenges for adults are no less great.  The feeling of disconnect and being alone is tremendous.  Negotiating a fast moving world, global competition for jobs, lack of community and family support, and confusion surrounding what path to take are common issues for people.

We will set specific and individualized goals tailored to your needs and developed with the desired outcome in mind.  We will develop realistic action steps and help guide you through them as a true partner in achieving your goals.  Sometimes families and adults have treatment plans and aftercare plans in place.  In these cases, I can assist in your adherence to those plans and working out the struggles as they present themselves.

It is typically important that a family or individual have a therapist in place.  Coaching services are not therapy.  Coaching does not involve diagnosis or exploration of historic issues.  We focus on a collaborative process to understanding present struggles, relational roles and patterns, and take actionable steps toward clear goals and objectives with strong accountability.

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